Welcome to my website. Maybe you're a regular visitor to YeahYeah, maybe you were referred here recently or maybe you came across it by accident. Well, whatever the case, I'm really glad you made it here! So let me introduce myself and I hope you'll stick around so we can get to know each other a bit.

I'm Helena, I live in the sleepy town of Somerset West with Josh, my husband (aka PA, business consultant, therapist and financial advisor). I have a weak spot for pancakes and gluhwein, I hope to adopt a puppy soon and live in Brazil one day. I believe life is beautiful and that everyone can make a difference. I believe photography can change things, and I'm going to spend the rest of my life finding out how. A photograph can never do reality justice, but it can help us remember. And life is worth remembering. So let's see what the world looks like as a photo.

If you have an event coming up or want to collaborate on a project, let me know and let's talk. Yeah!