One look at Lidía & I think we can all agree - she is pregnancy #goals. I don't think I can think of a more glamorous recipe for a maternity shoot: a sparkly sequined dress, a suit and a small town in Tuscany. The streets were empty and the sun was setting as these two wandered around, sitting on the church steps and kissing in front of doorways. There's something so peacefully romantic about this place. I could have carried on shooting for hours, luckily I remembered Lidía was 7 months pregnant and missioning about in heels. What a wonderful way to remember this season of being pregnant with your first child and celebrating it with the love of your life! And sheesh, don't they just look like some hot celebrity couple?

Have a look at the Tuscan wedding Lidía wore this dress to as a bridesmaid!

*Not pictured here: 6 grown ups and a toddler walking up and down the streets during siesta time, desperate for an open gelateria.