Sometimes I think I must have the best job ever - I get to meet some of the most amazing (& beautiful) people and share intimately in one of the most special days of their lives. I get to know them & get a glimpse into their family lives. I get to witness them promise themselves to each other, for better or for worse. Then I get to make them kiss lots and party with them! Oh, let's not forget the great food I get to sample almost weekly...

Well, Matt (better known as Bushy) & Corina's wedding day was no exception! I was invited in as a friend and quickly caught onto the sense of celebration in the air. And perhaps that's the best way to describe the couple's ceremony - a worship celebration.

After cake & tea, guests made their way through rolling winelands to Altydlig where the party was set to commence. After a hilarious shoot with the bridal party, I took the newlyweds and we chased the sunset through the fields on this stunning estate where I (obviously) made them kiss lots - they didn't seem to mind though...

As soon as they entered the reception it was clear that Matt's feet couldn't wait to get the dancing started, but he held it in. After some speeches, more photos with breathtaking views of Table Mountain and a delicious dinner, the bride & groom opened the dance floor. Not long after the first dance we hear: Ooo eee oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang (you're singing it in your head right now, aren't you) and suddenly Matt & his groomsmen are serenading Corina. That was like the warm up for some very impressive dance moves that came out that evening.

Photographing this lot was such a laugh, from start to finish. Near the end of the night, the groomsmen were saying, 'come on, we must be the funnest group you've photographed, right?' Well, after everything they got up to that day, I'll have to admit that they're definitely one of them!

Congrats Mr & Mrs Ash! What an incredible day.

Thank you to Hayley Nixon for second shooting!

Reception venue // Altydlig, Stellenbosch

Ceremony venue // Christ Church Kenilworth

Dress // David's Bridal

Hair // Vogue Hair Design

Makeup // Nourish Skin Studio 

Flowers // Sally Bingham

Decor // DIY 

Videographer // Tessa Brown