John & Emera came to South Africa from Arizona on honeymoon, hoping for clear blue skies, warm sunshine and a white sandy beach for their honeymoon session at Llandudno. Instead, we got grey skies and a cold wind when we met up to shoot early one morning - a typical Cape Town winters day! Still, we made the most of it. The clouds were heavy and the sea was stormy - the perfect combo for a very dramatic setting and I sure wasn't complaining (maybe because I was wearing boots and a jacket...)! The chill just made these two lovebirds cling to each other tighter. After our not-so-typical shoot on the beach, we headed to another iconic spot in Cape Town: Bo-kaap. This colourful little suburb is always such a dream to photograph. I can never get enough of the cobble streets and multicoloured houses, in literally every colour you can imagine. 

If this shoot had a title it would be 'Stand There and Try Not To Look Cold!' - I hope you guys will come visit again in summer, when Cape Town is at it's best :) You can read up more about their trip to South Africa on Emera's blog: Hello, Sugar!

Mr & Mrs Greig, it was a treat spending the morning with you!