There were barely 5 minutes that the bride and groom were not smiling ear to ear on their wedding day! Joy like this is infectious so it's not surprising that they were surrounded by grinning faces all day long!

A little snippet of conversation overheard while the guys were getting ready before the ceremony:

Groomsman, putting on his belt - 'Well, Jamo, enjoy your last few hours of freedom!'

James, tying his shoelaces - 'Hey prison isn't so bad when you're in it with your best friend.' James gets a billion husband points, birds sing, wild horses gallop by and in the distance there were fireworks...

I must also mention that at almost every opportunity there was dancing - while the girls were getting ready, during the bridal party photos, at the pre drinks (guests would have kept Meraki playing all night if they could!) and then of course on the dance floor which was kept packed by DJ Pepe. To me, this is the ultimate definition and expression of a celebration - dancing your heart out!

Love makes you beautiful and these two newlyweds were absolutely radiant! 

Venue // Groenrivier Function Centre, Riebeek West

Hair & makeup // Makeup and Delight

Bridesmaids Hair // ElpMakeMeUp

Flowers and Décor // DIY

Videographer // White Jasmine Films

Band // Meraki

DJ // DJ Pepe