Man, I had such a good time on this shoot! I got together with local musician Glen Hartman, and Illuminate My Event wedding co-ordinator, Kelly Mole, for their engagement shoot. Glen & Kelly had some awesome ideas for their engagement session and before I even met them I knew this was going to be something special.

From the start these two were so happy, bubbly, in love and comfortable in front of the camera - my job was a dream! The weather was perfect as well and we caught the golden sunset just as this scorching day cooled down, with a light breeze just tickling the leaves. 

'We LOVE teacups,' Kelly told me via email as we were planning the shoot, and there they sat, pretty teacups in hand, having a perfect tea party on the forest floor. I loved getting to know this couple a bit during the shoot. They're beautiful people with beautiful hearts and a beautiful love. Thanks for a great afternoon, guys! 

Kelly is blogging about her wedding preparation and process, so future brides, go check out her site for some helpful tips and ideas!

               Oh, and there was cake of course.