This is definitely, honestly, without a doubt a holiday that I will never forget.

Not just because it was in ENGLAND. I mean, the South African coast is incredible, but it's not every day you get on a plane with your boyfriend and head over to this island. It was June and apparently 'summer' - we saw the sun 2 whole days in the two weeks we were there. We spent a few rainy afternoons walking the streets of London, riding the tube with too much luggage, saw The Phantom of The Opera at the theatre and taking in the astounding history of the place. 

It's also not just because I got to see my sister (whom I hadn't seen in months) in our childhood town. We lived in Letchworth (where a lot of The World's End was filmed by the way), the world's first garden city, in 1998-2002. It was very surreal as we walked down to our favourite local pub, visited our old schools, bought jam filled doughnuts and sat in the park. The place hadn't changed much, but we certainly had. 

We also got to see really good friends of ours get married in Exeter! And I got to take their photos, my first destination wedding. It was awesome to see so many friends from South Africa come over to the UK for Tom & Zoe's wedding. But even this wasn't the main reason why I won't ever forget this holiday.

On 18 June 2012, we went for a walk in a forest on one of the very few warm days we had. In the middle of a bridge with no one around, the love of my heart got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. So that's why I will never forgot this holiday. I left South Africa as Josh's girlfriend and came back as his fiancé. Best holiday ever!