The McDonald and Bishop family and friends came together for this special union one sunny afternoon in December on Davide's family farm in Hermanus. The scene was breathtaking: majestic mountains as the background, surrounded by lush green fields and vineyards with some dramatic clouds to top it all off.

Aimee and Davide's wedding day was marked by the most interesting Scottish traditions. Being from the McDonald family, the Father of the Bride wore a traditional Scottish kilt. According to legend, whether something is worn underneath the kilt is determined by who is on the throne at the time. If the Queen is reigning men are obliged to wear underwear. If the King is reigning, on the other hand... well let's just say that we are all very relieved that the Queen is on the throne!

Just before the First Kiss, the Mother of the Bride performs the Exchange of Tartan. This is to welcome each spouse into the clan. Aimee and Davide used the traditional McDonald and Buchanan tartans.

The Quaich is a cup of friendship. In Scottish tradition, guests would help each other drink out of the quaich (one person holds one handle while the drinker holds the other) because while you are drinking from it, you cannot grab your sword to attack. The bride and groom shared from this cup after Davide's speech.

The Father and Daughter dance was really something special. The song they chose, Maries Wedding, is a traditional Scottish celebration song and is ranked as one of the happiest songs in the world. Aimee skipped barefoot across the dance floor with her dad.

One of my favourite parts of the day (although not part of Scottish tradition) was the cartoonist, who provided endless entertainment in the form of caricatures of each guest – often uncanny, sometimes quite embarrassing, but hilarious every time!

Thanks again to the talented Carla from Carla Likes Photos for assisting!

Wedding Co-ordinator // Illuminate My Event

Flowers // The Flower Scene

Dress // Anel Botha Couture

Make-up // Helga Strydom

Hair // Jean from Essence

Cartoonist // Martinus van Tee Illustration