So what do you get when two ballroom dancers get married? Blown away. You get blown away. I had to remind myself to keep photographing during the first dance!

Forget every tradition you've ever associated with a wedding - Chris & Lara went out of their way to go against the grain. There was a surprise planned around every corner - secret agent ring bearers, a Lara Croft garter, 3 unique wedding cakes (including a dinosaur & VW Beetle), the evolution of dance number and a serenade from the bride herself! 

The couple got hitched in Cape Town after which we trekked around town to a few sentimental spots for photos, finally ending up at Rondekuil in Durbanville. I couldn't get enough of the old tram at the venue! Lara's dress had such a great vintage feel and they both have a dramatic flair about them - it felt like a scene from an old romance film. 

Guests were invited to join the evening with bells and whistles - and that's exactly what happened. Literally!

Venue // Rondekuil, Durbanville