Well this was definitely an unforgettable wedding and experience. I felt like I needed to pinch myself a few times during our trip to Italy, especially when I'd say something like 'our villa in Tuscany'. I mean, how unreal is that!? 

As part of the couple's wedding adventure there was plenty of site seeing and exploring around Rome and Tuscany. And as you can imagine, a big part of that was spent eating gelato and drinking wine. It was such a special week spending quality time with friends and family from all over the world. 

One of my favourite aspects of Aaron & Carol's wedding was how multicultural it was. Here is a girl from Brazil, living in South Africa, who fell in love with a guy from the States and together they decided to get hitched in Italy. It sounds a bit like a movie. I love how they both had a South African element on them during the day - Aaron with the flag on his socks and Carol with a protea in her bouquet - pointing to where they would be in the next season of life, together.

I need to spend some time raving about the venue because WOW. When I pictured Tuscany, this is almost exactly what I had in mind - olive groves, vineyards, rolling hills and the classic view of distant villas surrounded by tall trees. 

As everyone woke on the day of the wedding and started to get ready, we were met with an Autumn rain.  But they say rain on your wedding is good luck, right! And there was really nothing that could wipe away the smiles from Mr & Mrs Shreve's faces. They said 'I do' by the warm laughter of loved ones, the sound of the falling rain mixing with their words of outpoured love. 

That night, as the rain kept pouring, the wine kept flowing and we got to taste the estate's 2009 Chianti Classico alongside a fantastic spread of Italian dishes. When the speeches were done and the guests were satisfied, the newlyweds announced that there was a surprise outside. So out we went into the cool night (the rain had paused momentarily) and waited in anticipation. Then suddenly the sky was illuminated with fireworks! We were treated to an awesome display.

When the sky went dark and quiet again, with our mouths still hanging open, we ventured back inside to warm up. And I don't know of a better place to do that than on the dance floor! This was a job for DJ Dirty Mike & The Boys and this is where the perfect day ended. Surrounded by friends & family and celebrating love.

Mr & Mrs Shreve, thank you for including me in such a special way on your wedding day! 

(This wasn't the only shoot I did on this trip! Take a look at Carol's bridesmaid's maternity shoot)

Venue // Quercia al Poggio, Tuscany, Italy

Bride's dress // Robyn Roberts

Catering // Class Ricevimenti

Wedding planner // Hitched in Italy

Videographer // Katia Casprini